Iodine Value

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Iodine value

  • An indicator of unsaturated degree in an orgnic compound
  • Mainly used for the determination of oil, fatty acid, wax and polyester.
  • The higher the unsaturated degree, the higher the iodine value.
  • The iodine value of dry oil is greater than that of non-dry oil.

Test Method

  • Commonly used method
  • Rapid titration method




  • Mercury acetate was used as accelerant
  • Kaufman rapid method
  • Bromine chloride method
  • Introduction to the most commonly used Wijs method
    • The sample is dissolved in chloroform.
    • Treated with excess iodine chloride (ICl) glacial acetic acid solution, some halogens react with double bonds in unsaturated fats, while others remain.
    • Saturated potassium iodide solution (KI) is added to the mixture and reacts with the remaining free ICl to form potassium chloride (KCl) and diiodide (I2).
    • In the presence of starch, the release of I2 was titrated with sodium thiosulfate to indirectly determine the concentration of iodine in the reaction.

    Main reaction equations of Wijs method Fig. 1 Main reaction equations of Wijs method

    IV (g I/ 100 g) can be calculated by:

    IV (g I/ 100 g)

    • V1 - the volume f sodium thiosulphate required to titrate the blank solution
    • V2 - the volume of sodium thiosulphate required to titrate the test solution that contained either solid fat or oil as the sample
    • N - the normality of sodium thiosulfate solution in Eq/ L
    • 12.69 - the conversion factor from mEq sodium thiosulfate to grams of iodine
    • M - the weight of the sample in grams

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