Hydrophile-Lipophile Balance (HLB)

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Hydrophilic lipophile balance (HLB) is the balance of the size and strength of the hydrophilic and lipophilic moieties of a surfactant molecule. The HLB scale of non-ionic surfactants ranges from 0 to 20. The HLB value can be used to predict the surfactant properties of a molecule (see Fig. 1). Lower HLB values are an indication of high oil affinity. High HLB values, on the other hand, indicate high water-solubility.

HLB scaleFig. 1 HLB scale

Calculation of HLB

There are several ways to calculate the HLB, Griffin's method, Davies' method and estimation method.

  • Griffin's method

Griffin's method for non-ionic surfactants as described in 1954 works as follows:

Griffin's methodFig. 1 HLB scale

where Mh is the molecular mass of the hydrophilic portion of the molecule, and M is the molecular mass of the whole molecule, giving a result on a scale of 0 to 20. An HLB value of 0 corresponds to a completely lipophilic/hydrophobic molecule, and a value of 20 corresponds to a completely hydrophilic/lipophobic molecule.

  • Davies' method

In the Davies method, the computation is based upon different group numbers that are assigned to hydrophilic or lipophilic structural groups in a molecule. The following equation is used in the calculation:
HLB = 7 + Σ(hydrophilic group numbers) + Σ(lipophilic group numbers)

  • Estimation method

The following equation is used to calculate the total HLB of a mixture of components:

Griffin's method

Enter the % proportion of the component and its HLB value
(leave remaining rows as 0)

 % of ComponentHLB value
Component 1(HLB value {0-20})
Component 2(HLB value {0-20})
Component 3(HLB value {0-20})
Component 4(HLB value {0-20})
Component 5(HLB value {0-20})
HLB of Mixture (HLB)

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