About Us

Alfa Chemistry provides a wide range of organic compounds and services. After years of development, we have gradually become a leader in this field, providing product and service support to customers in many countries/regions. The advanced technology and facilities owned by Alfa Chemistry have matured day by day. These expansions have brought a variety of opportunities and qualifications, which proves our commitment to quality service and personal customer relationships.

Customer, Innovation, Responsibility and Execution

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what we can offer

We’re dedicated to providing organic compounds and services for global customers in a long term.

Leading Scientific and Technological Innovation

We don't just manufacture related products, we strive to be the technology leader

Design and Development

Alfa Chemistry’s experienced Ph.D. chemists specialize in designing optimal synthetic routes for both new and known compounds of organic compounds and others. Our experienced chemists are pleased to work with you to solve your problems in scientific research and industrial applications. Alfa Chemistry provides synthesis route design and optimization of various chemicals. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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